Balanced Nutrition for Your Little One

TIPSNESIA.COM – In order for your little one to grow up healthily, you must meet their nutritional needs in a balanced way through the food they eat. Not only good for your little one’s growth, fulfilling balanced nutrition can also help maintain the baby’s ideal weight.

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. Merries will help Moms by providing a number of ways to meet the balanced nutrition listed below!

How to Meet Balanced Nutrition for Your Little One

The way to fulfill your little one’s nutrition to stay balanced is actually simple, namely by giving breast milk and complementary foods according to his age.

Breast milk should be given exclusively without the need for additional complementary foods when the age is 0-6 months. Because, at that age range, the nutritional needs of the Little One are quite fulfilled even if only with breast milk.

When your little one is 6 months old, complementary feeding can be given while still giving breast milk to the little one. The existence of MPASI can provide additional nutrition to your little one so that their nutritional needs are more balanced. Not only that, the baby’s ideal weight can be maintained.

The foods that can be used as complementary foods are cereals (brown rice, white rice), tubers, nuts, fruits and vegetables, and processed meats.

Complementary feeding should be carried out in stages according to age, where the stages are:

Age 6 Months

This is the age at which your little one receives solid food for the first time. At this age, Moms only need to provide foods that contain carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Make sure the texture of the food is not too runny so your little one can easily digest it. Vegetables and fruit can also be introduced to your little one at the age of 6 months. At this age, you can still give breast milk in between when your little one eats solid food.

Age 7-8 Months

At this age, you can start introducing your little one to coarser-textured foods and sources of animal protein. Sieve porridge and fish are two examples of these types of food. Especially for fish, make sure the fish is thoroughly cooked so that there are no bacteria. If your little one is used to eating filtered team porridge, you can gradually introduce your little one to team rice without being filtered.

Age 9-12 Months

Moms can give mushy food or food cooked with lots of water as the main meal. Rice porridge, puri potatoes, and nasi tim are some examples of these foods. On the sidelines of giving the main food, Moms can give some snacks for the Little One. The food itself can be fruit or vegetables.

You can still give breast milk too. The frequency of main feeding, interlude, and breast milk itself is more or less: 3-4 times main food + 1-2 times interlude + breastfeeding. The number of servings in each meal is – 250 ml bowl.

Age 9-10 Months

As with babies aged 7-8 months, Moms can also give filtered team porridge to babies with this one age range.

Age 11-12 Months

A number of foods that you have given at the age of 11 months can be given again. Moms can also slowly introduce some nutritious adult foods that are made without added flavoring.

Age 12-24 Months

The food provided in this age range is increasingly diverse. Starting from solid food menus that are often consumed by the family to finger snacks in the form of fruit or snacks made by Moms. . For solid foods, make sure not to add any flavoring to them. Also avoid foods that are too spicy, too acidic, and too fatty because they can damage your little one’s digestion.

Moms can also give breast milk until the little one has reached the age of 24 months. The provision of main meals, finger snacks, and breast milk must be in accordance with the recommended frequency, namely: 3-4 times main meals (solid food/family food) + 1-2 times finger snacks or other snacks + breastfeeding. The number of servings in one meal is a full bowl with a size of 250 ml.

Benefits of Balanced Nutrition for Your Little One

In addition to maintaining a healthy body and your little one’s ideal weight, fulfilling a balanced diet also has many other benefits. Some of them are:

  • Brain nerves will be formed perfectly.
  • The immune system is stronger, so your little one is not susceptible to colds and coughs.
  • Better oral and dental health.
  • Your little one can get more energy which makes him more enthusiastic in his activities.
  • Your little one’s mood is more stable, so he doesn’t get cranky easily.

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