Tips for Safe Drying Baby for New Parents

TIPSNESIA.COM– Apart from holding the baby, drying baby in the morning is another thing that new parents must do. This activity can make the Little SI get vitamin D intake which is beneficial for bones, thus preventing the body’s skin from turning yellow.

Vitamin D itself comes from Ultraviolet or UV rays that are absorbed by the baby’s skin. Not only preventing the skin from turning yellow, these vitamins can also help build the body’s system, and maintain the health of the baby’s muscles.

Like holding a baby, drying the baby must be done carefully. Sunbathing in the wrong way can make your little one prone to sunburn or stinging.

In this article, Merries will share some tips for drying babies that are safe for new parents to do. These tips can be read below!

Tips for Safe Drying Baby

1. Choose an Open Place

Place is the first thing that must be considered before drying your little one. For this problem, choose an open place that can receive sunlight. The front or back yard of the house is an example of such a place. Avoid drying your little one in the room or behind the window. Doing so will make it difficult for your little one to receive sunlight.

2. Do it at the Right Time

Make sure sunbathing is done at the right time. As a suggestion, do this between 7 to 9 am or 4 pm. At those times, the sun is not too hot, so it is safe for your little one’s skin. The duration of sunbathing also needs to be considered, where the best duration to do it is 10 to 15 minutes. More than that, your little one’s skin will be prone to overheating and burning.

3. Pay attention to the parts of the body that are dried in the sun

When drying your little one, don’t take off all of his clothes because his body is still quite vulnerable. As a suggestion, dry your little one in a diaper and shirtless position.

Sunlight shining on the chest can help expedite breathing and reduce phlegm. Once it is enough, Moms can turn her body position so that her stomach and back are visible. This method is done so that the back of the Little One can get sun exposure.

4. Stop When Your Little One’s Body Feels Warm

In addition to knowing when to dry your little one, you also have to know when to stop doing it. The best time to stop drying your little one is when his body starts to feel warm from the sun.

You can also stop sunbathing when your little one starts to cry or is hot. When your little one is done sunbathing, immediately give him breast milk so he is not dehydrated. Breast milk itself can replace the baby’s body fluids that evaporate during the sun.

5. Use Protectors on Your Little One’s Head and Eyes

While drying your little one, make sure the head and eyes are protected from the sun. This is because sunlight hitting the two parts of the body can have a negative impact, one of which can damage the retina of the eye. To protect it, Moms can use a hat and eye protection.

Moms should also avoid using sunscreen, especially for little ones aged 0 to 6 months. In that age range, baby’s skin is still sensitive, so it is not suitable for applying sunscreen.

6. Don’t give your little one medicine

If your little one is having a cold, fever or mild cough, you can still dry them in the sun. With a note, Moms don’t give medicine right away before it is dried in the sun. The sunlight that will be obtained by the Little One can help cure the disease that is being suffered by the Little One.

However, these tips do not apply if the condition of the disease is severe. Instead of drying them out, you should take your little one to the doctor if the condition is really serious.

You don’t have to sunbathe every day

Although sunbathing can provide vitamin D nutrition to babies, it doesn’t mean you have to dry your little one every day. Too often drying the baby will make his skin receive excessive UV rays that risk damaging the skin in the long run.

The intensity of sunbathing itself really depends on the condition of your little one’s skin. If your little one has white skin, sunbathing activities can be done 30 minutes a week. Meanwhile, babies with darker or medium skin are recommended to sunbathe for 2 to 5 hours per week.

In essence, sunbathing activities can be done once a week with a certain duration according to your little one’s skin color. The sunbathing time can be adjusted according to the time Merries mentioned earlier.

If your family is still hesitant to sunbathe your little one or has a family with a history of skin cancer, you can first consult a doctor to find out whether your little one needs to sunbathe or not.

Those are various tips for safely drying babies for new parents along with other related information. Hopefully it is useful and can be practiced by Moms and Dads who are having children for the first time.

When later drying your little one, make sure he wears a diaper that is comfortable and easy to put on. Moms and Dads can try Merries Skin protection. Merries Protection diapers are equipped with hygienic protection with an antibacterial layer containing natural tea leaf extract, so your little one’s skin is protected from irritation, rashes and itching. This Merries diaper has a layer of good air circulation so your little one’s skin can breathe freely and comfortably all day long

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