Get to know Baby Spa and its benefits for your little one

TIPSNESIA.COM – Baby Spa Treatment that are trending these days. This treatment is believed to provide many benefits for the health of your little one. To be able to get this treatment, your little one must be at a certain age.

If you are interested in bringing your little one to a baby spa, you can read this article first. Here, Merries will invite Moms to introduce what a baby spa is and its benefits for your little one through the description below!

What is Baby Spa?

Baby Spa is a treatment for babies that combines spa and massage methods. In practice, the baby spa will be carried out in two stages. The first stage is done by inviting your little one to swim or soak in a special pool.

Merries will explain these two stages in detail in another subtitle. You can find this treatment yourself at various special baby spa places in the city where you live.

Benefits of Baby Spa

There are many benefits that your little one can get if they get a baby spa treatment. According to a study , a baby spa can make your little one sleep more soundly and longer. In addition to making you sleep better, baby spa also has several other benefits, namely:

  • Help your little one feel calmer and more relaxed.
  • Stimulates the production of hormones that function to regulate stress levels in the baby’s body.
  • Train baby’s muscle movement.
  • Train the baby’s body balance and coordination.

When Can Your Little One Get Baby Spa Treatment?

Your little one can only get baby spa treatment when he is old enough. According to a research journal , the appropriate age to do a baby spa is 3-6 months. At that age range, your little one has good neck and back strength, so they can support their body during bathing.

If you are in doubt, you can consult a doctor when it is best for your little one to do a baby spa. Later, the doctor will make a decision based on the ability and development of the Little One’s body.

Preparations to Do Before Doing a Baby Spa

Before doing a baby spa, your little one must do various preparations so that he can follow the baby spa properly. The preparations are:

  • Do your research first about recommended baby spa places. There are several indicators that can be used when choosing a baby spa, namely: the method of filtering the pool water, the massage oil used, and the chemicals used in the pool water.
  • Make sure your little one is getting enough food and is not sleepy.
  • Make sure your little one is not suffering from diaper rash. Because, baby spa is not a suitable treatment used as a way to deal with diaper rash.
  • Make sure the selected spa place has implemented health protocols, such as implementing physical distancing, spraying disinfectants, etc.
    That’s the meaning of a baby spa and its benefits for your little one along with other important information. Hopefully it can be a reference for moms who are interested in taking care of the trending baby.

If you later want to do a baby spa, make sure your little one always wears a comfortable diaper. That way, your little one will not be fussy during the treatment, either before or after undergoing it. One of the diapers that are comfortable for your little one to wear is Merries Skin Protection.

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