Healthy Food Options for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers

TIPSNESIA.COM – Not only for the little one, healthy food is also needed for pregnant and lactating mothers. Healthy foods can help you stay healthy, both during pregnancy and while breastfeeding your baby. The quality of breast milk will also be good if you consistently eat healthy foods.

There are at least ten healthy food choices that pregnant and lactating women can eat, namely:

1. Carbohydrate Foods

Many mothers stop consuming carbohydrates, especially when entering the phase of breastfeeding their babies for dietary reasons. In fact, carbohydrate foods are very important to increase energy for the body, both for nursing mothers and pregnant women.

White rice and brown rice are two carbohydrate foods that can be consumed. Especially for mothers with symptoms of diabetes, it is recommended to eat brown rice only, because the glycemic index is low so it does not make sugar levels rise.

2. Green Vegetables

This one food is widely recommended because it contains many nutrients. Starting from vitamin A, vitamin C, to calcium. All nutrients are useful for increasing the immunity of mother and baby, supporting bone growth in infants, and increasing breast milk productivity. Of the many green vegetables that exist, spinach and broccoli are two examples of which can be consumed.

3. Fish

In addition to carbohydrate foods, animal proteins such as fish and meat are also sometimes avoided by pregnant and lactating women for dietary reasons. In fact, the protein is also beneficial for the body.

One of the animal proteins that can be eaten is fish. Not only contains high protein, fish also has various nutrients that are beneficial for pregnant and lactating women. Starting from omega 3, DHA, to vitamin D.

The fish consumed does not have to be expensive fish. Fish such as tuna, cork, and tilapia can also be consumed. Mackerel has iron and multivitamins which are beneficial for pregnant women. While cork can increase the hormone prolactin and oxytocin to help launch breast milk. The tilapia contains phosphorus which helps the development of fetal bones and teeth.

4. Eggs

This is another animal protein that you can consume. Besides being rich in protein, this food also contains omega-3 which can enrich the nutrients in breast milk, and help the development of the nervous system in babies. Moms can eat this food by boiling or making scrambled eggs.

5. Lean Meat

In addition to eggs and salmon, Moms can also consume other animal protein in the form of lean meat. This food has protein and B12 which is good for the growth of the baby’s bones, muscles and nerves. There is also iron which helps you avoid anemia while breastfeeding. Before eating this food, you must first cook it until it is really cooked so that the bad bacteria in it can be lost.

6. Citrus Fruits

Do not forget the fruit as a healthy foods that can be consumed. One of the fruits that can be eaten is oranges. The rich vitamin C in it can help increase the immunity of Moms and Little Ones. This fruit can be eaten directly or can be processed into juice without artificial sweeteners.

7. Avocado

If you are entering the second trimester of pregnancy, you can eat this one fruit. This fruit has fatty acids that help the development of the skin, as well as the nervous system and tissues in babies. There is also a potassium content that reduces leg cramps in pregnant women. There are still other nutritional content in avocados, ranging from folate, vitamin K, to vitamin B6.

8. Banana

Healthy foods If this one fruit is suitable to eat in the first trimester of pregnancy. The B6 content in it can help you reduce nausea during this phase of pregnancy. This fruit is also rich in potassium which helps regulate fluid and electrolyte levels in the body.

9. Nuts

Like the previous food, this food is also suitable to be eaten in the first trimester of pregnancy. These foods have many nutrients needed during this phase, such as folic acid, protein, fiber, and iron. As for some types of beans that can be eaten are peas, peanuts, and soybeans.

10. Dairy

Calcium is one of the important nutrients needed by pregnant and lactating women. Because, these nutrients can help the growth of the Little One’s bones. Moms can get these nutrients from various dairy products, such as milk and cheese. In addition to calcium, dairy products also have protein that helps the baby’s growth and development.

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