Little Fever? This is the first step that needs to be done

TIPSNESIA.COM– Fever in your little one is not always dangerous, even in some cases it can heal in a few days. Fever is the reaction of your little one’s body to fight infection. Infections that trigger fever can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites. It can also be caused by the effects of immunization or autoimmune disease.

Although it can recover in a few days, Moms must take steps to prevent the fever from getting worse. Below, there are a series of first steps you can take in dealing with your little one’s fever:

The First Step in Dealing with Fever

1. Compressing Some Parts of the Little One’s Body

This first step can help you reduce the fever your little one is suffering from. To do this, you can first prepare a cloth soaked in plain or warm water for 20-30 minutes. After that, compress the cloth on your little one’s forehead, stomach, chest, or armpits while he sleeps. Replace the compress when the compress is dry. An hour or two after compressing your little one, you should check his body temperature regularly.

2. Feeding breast milk

When you have a fever, your little one’s body will excrete fluids through urine and sweat. These fluids can make the body dehydrated and lose energy. So that your little one’s energy can be replenished, you can give your little one breast milk as often as possible. Moms can also give your little one solid food, especially if he is 6 months old or has been allowed to receive solid food by a doctor.

To avoid dehydration, Moms can provide water intake to your little one. Make sure the water provided comes from a protected water source, and is free from substances that harm your little one’s body.

3. Bathing the Little One with Warm Water

Even though your little one has a fever, you can still bathe your little one. Provided, Moms bathe it using warm water. Using warm water can lower body temperature. In contrast to cold water which actually makes the little one’s body temperature rise, and makes him shiver with cold.

4. Don’t Wear Thick Clothes To Your Little One

As long as your little one has a fever, please don’t put thick clothes on your little one. The clothes can be hot in the Little One’s body, it is difficult to get out, so the fever does not subside.

Instead, you can wear clothes that are a bit thin, comfortable, and can absorb sweat. If your little one sleeps, you can cover his body with a thin blanket.

5. Keep the Room Temperature Cool and Comfortable

When your little one rests in the room, make sure the temperature remains cool and comfortable. Moms can use air conditioning or fans to keep the temperature cool. However, with a note that the temperature is not too cold, and the fan speed is not too fast. Also make sure the air conditioner or fan is not facing your little one so that he doesn’t get cold.

Signs of Your Little One Suffering from a Severe Fever
If you have done the methods above but the fever does not subside after 2 days, it could be that the fever is severe. Usually, a severe fever suffered by your child will be accompanied by the following signs:

Your little one starts to have frequent diarrhea and vomiting.

  • The little one’s lips started to dry.
  • Your little one starts crying often without tears, and doesn’t want to breastfeed or eat solid food.
  • Infrequent urination.
  • Your little one has a seizure or even faints.
  • Often sleepy and his body looks weak.
  • Experiencing shortness of breath and a fairly severe headache.
  • The skin looks pale or even bluish.
  • Immediately take your child to the doctor, if one or more of the signs above are experienced by your child.

Things to Avoid When Handling Your Little One’s Fever

There are several things that must be avoided when handling your little one’s fever so that the fever subsides. Some of those things are:

  • Do not bring your little one when the fever is severe or the fever is suffered by a newborn.
  • Giving fever-reducing medication without the doctor’s permission.
  • Giving fever-reducing drugs specifically for adults to the Little One.
  • Use alcohol or ice to relieve your little one’s fever.
  • Putting clothes that are too thick or in layers to the Little One.


Although it may subside over time, you should take a number of first steps in dealing with a fever. This is done so that the Little One’s fever does not get worse or even trigger other diseases.

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