Type of Parenting that Are Beneficial for Your Little

TIPSNESIA.COM – Type of Parenting itself is a process that is carried out to improve the growth and development of babies, both physically, psychologically, and socially.

The more precise the pattern given, the better the child’s physical, psychological, and social growth. In the world of psychology, there are four types of parenting for the Little One. Each type of parenting affects the baby’s growth and development. Then, what are the four parenting styles for the Little One?

Types of Parenting for Your Little One

1. Permissive Parenting

This first type of parenting really frees your little one to say whatever he wants. Parents or caregivers must follow it without strict restrictions. On the one hand, this parenting style can make your little one more free to express their wishes. However, this parenting also has various negative impacts if applied unwisely. The impacts are:

  • Your little one likes to be rebellious and wants to always dominate.
  • Little one can’t control himself.

If you want to apply this parenting pattern, make sure you provide firm boundaries, as well as clear penalties if your little one violates these boundaries. Make sure the punishment given does not have an element of violence, and is aimed at educating your little one to respect the boundaries that you give.

2. Authoritarian Parenting

Unlike the previous type of parenting pattern, this parenting style does not provide space for the Little One to express his or her wishes.

Parents become the dominant figure in this parenting pattern, where every need of the Little One is very much controlled by the parents.

According to the book Raising Children in the Digital Era, parents who apply authoritarian parenting usually experience that parenting style when they were young.

Type of parenting pattern is now starting to be abandoned because it has more negative impacts, especially for the child’s mental health.

This is in line with the results of research from University College London which says that children who are cared for in an authoritarian way make the little one unhappy, and have a low mental condition.

3. Silly Parenting

Like authoritarian type of parenting, this parenting style is also avoided by many parents. This parenting style is often applied by parents who are too busy with their work, or are having a lot of personal problems. For example, financial problems or experiencing addiction to narcotics.

In this parenting pattern, parents usually only meet the child’s basic physical needs, such as food, clothing, and toys. Meanwhile, psychic and emotional needs are rarely met because parents are too busy dealing with their personal problems.

4. Authoritative/Democratic Parenting

Compared to the other three type of parenting styles, this parenting style is the most ideal to be applied today. Because, this parenting pattern can make parents give boundaries to the Little One without having to be an authoritarian figure. Little ones can still express their wishes while still following the applicable limits.

Communication is the thing that is most emphasized in this parenting pattern, especially if your little one is 2 years old and under.

One example of this parenting pattern is to explain to your little one why he has to wake up and go to sleep at certain times. Make sure you communicate gently, especially if your little one is under 2 years old.

There are many positive benefits that can be obtained from this parenting pattern, namely:

  • Your little one will be more creative and confident.
  • Your little one has good social skills, and is able to work with other people.
  • More creative and able to solve every problem.


One of the basic needs of your little one that must be met is getting the right parenting style. Parenting itself is very important for the growth and development of the Little One, both physically, psychologically, and socially.

There are four types of parenting, where each type has an impact on the growth of the little one. The four are permissive, authoritative, indifferent, and authoritative. Among all the parenting styles, authoritative parenting is the most appropriate parenting style to use.

The reason is, that parenting can make Moms give strict boundaries to the Little One without having to make the Little One lose his right to fulfill his wishes.

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