Types of Skin Diseases in Your Little One that Often Occur

TIPSNESIA.COM– Newborn babies are very susceptible to diseases on their types of skin. There are several factors that cause it, ranging from skin that is still sensitive to an underdeveloped immune system.

Skin diseases in children themselves consist of various types based on the cause. Knowing all types of diseases is very important to do, so that moms can be more aware of the health of the little one’s skin.

Of the various types of skin diseases, some of them are:

1. Prickly heat

This skin disease usually occurs due to blockage of the sweat glands. When your child is affected by this disease, the skin will have small reddish spots or spots. In babies with slightly darker skin, the spots or spots that appear will usually be purple, gray, or brown in color. The area that will be affected by the spots or spots is none other than the face or neck. However, other areas of the body can also be affected by spots or spots.

To overcome this disease, Moms can take the following steps:

  • Keep your little one’s skin dry and not too hot.
  • Reducing the use of soap that causes irritation to baby’s skin.
  • If the spots or spots cause itching, you can bathe your little one with warm water.

2. Dry Skin

You could say that this type of skin disease is quite common in children. The cause can be caused by the Little One who bathes too often or gets too much water. Dry skin can also appear due to temperatures that are too hot or too cold.

The solution to overcome this disease is of course by reducing the intensity and duration of the Little One’s bath time. Even if your little one takes a bath later, you can apply moisturizer to keep the skin moist. Another solution that can be done is to not place your little one in a place that is too hot or cold.

3. Hives

The disease, which is also known as urticaria, usually appears on the face, arms, trunk, or legs. Babies affected by this disease will usually have red bumps that widen and protrude in the areas of the body that have been mentioned.

Hives can be caused by allergies to certain foods, such as milk and eggs. However, this disease can also occur due to exposure to sunlight, cold weather, or the result of your little one scratching his skin too often.

The easiest solution to deal with hives is to keep your small SI away from the allergen trigger. If the hives you suffer start to disturb your little one’s comfort, immediately consult a doctor for further treatment.

4. Milia

According to some sources , about 50 percent of newborns have experienced milia or white spots that appear on the face. People generally refer to this skin disease as baby acne. This disease is caused by dead skin cells trapped in small pockets on the surface of the mouth and skin.

To overcome milia, Moms can do the following ways:

Clean your little one’s face using warm water and special soap regularly.
Dry your little one’s face by gently patting his face with a soft towel.
Do not apply oil or lotion on your little one’s face that is still affected by milia.

5. Cradle Cap

If you see an oily, scaly yellow crust on your little one’s head, you can be sure that your little one has cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis. This disease usually occurs in the first three months of the baby’s age. In order for the disease to go away faster, Moms wash the baby’s head and hair with a special baby shampoo, or you can also apply baby oil.

6. Hemangiomas

At the beginning of its appearance, this skin disease will look like a bright red birthmark that appears in the first week of the baby’s age. Over time, this disease will grow into a red, rubbery lump.

Generally, hemangiomas will disappear on their own as your little one gets older. However, in some cases, the reddish spongy bumps caused by this disease will get bigger and interfere with the health of the little one. Immediately take him to the hospital so that the lump can be treated medically.

So that your little one does not experience this disease, you can take the following preventive steps:

  • Caring for your little one’s skin to keep it moist, dry and clean.
  • For Moms who like to bathe their little one by rubbing, replace this method by gently rubbing the little one’s skin using warm water.
  • Do not use bath soap when your little one’s skin is injured.
  • Protects your little one’s skin from the scorching rays of the sun during the day.

7. Skin Irritation

As the name implies, this skin disease is a symptom of irritation caused by using diapers that are not recommended or how to use them that are not recommended. This disease can be experienced by babies with sensitive skin who rarely change diapers.

The most striking symptom is the appearance of reddish irritation. The irritation can be found on the skin that is often covered with diapers for too long and is rarely changed. How to deal with irritation in baby diapers can be done by changing the diaper every 3-4 hours.

Another way to deal with irritation in baby diapers is to wear diapers that are suitable for baby’s sensitive skin. One example is the Merries Premium Pants. Merries diapers have a soft surface and are suitable for babies with sensitive skin. High absorption and good air circulation, so your little one will feel comfortable while wearing it.

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